Officine Brugnetti

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Officine Brugnetti, professional espresso machine manufacturers from Italy, desired to have their manuals including installation graphics translated into English and Chinese to further their marketing efforts in America and China.

Excerpt from the source document in Italian
Excerpt from our English Translation - notice the mirror formatting
Corresponding excerpt from our Chinese translation with mirror formatting & layout
Installation chart translated from Italian into Chinese (Bi-lingual version)


To ensure linguistically and contextually correct translation of manuals and installation graphics into multiple languages - Chinese and English within allotted deadline.


Manuals need to be translated accurately as poor and inaccurate translations may lead to customer dissatisfaction at the least and even lawsuits for damages at the worst. We ensured that there was a team of one translator and one proofreader per manual per language. Additionally, one project manager was allotted to each language covering all the manuals, to ensure that the project was completed on time.


The client reported increased sales through to English and Chinese speaking regions through online sales channel as well as newly opened distribution networks. The translated manuals helped engage customers and make them feel that they were buying good quality imported coffee makers locally.

From The Client

“Very professional and quick service.”

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