Sanji Technology Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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Sanji Technology Co. Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading warehouse management information system providers, desired translation of its user manuals from Chinese into English to tap the global markets.

Extract from warehouse management user manual - Source Chinese language

From The Client

“Working with DocumenTranslations is so pleasurable. They deliver high quality translations at the cheapest rates.”

Corresponding extract from our English translation - Note mirror formatting




To translate user manual and associated documents running into 500+ pages accurately and speedily from Chinese to English. The translation should ensure that it is linguistically and contextually accurate with the right software vocabulary. 


We chose two Chinese native translators from our panel who had a minimum of graduation degree in computer science / engineering along with proven software translation credentials. One proofreader and one project manager completed the team to ensure that the client got the best manual translation service within the least timeline at the lowest cost.


User manual running into 500+ pages were translated, proofread, and designed to mirror the original within 4 days.


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