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PR Newswire, a premier global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution to companies and PR agencies for engaging key audiences, desired to have its widget translated into 9 Indian languages to cater more effectively to its growing Indian client-base.



  • To ensure complete translation and more importantly localization for customer engagement while avoiding over-translation, i.e., translation of source words into archaic words in target language that are seldom used in day-to-day conversation.
  • To find best translators in 9 Indian languages
  • To complete the project within allotted timeline


A two-member project manager team ensured that translators with native language proficiency were selected for the project. The translators were assigned the project in batches with two translators in each language checking for consistency in translation across words and usage. One proofreader per language was used to ensure contextual and linguistic accuracy of the translation.


The project was successfully completed within the allotted timeline. The client was happy with the quality of the translations. Once the widget went live, the client also used our services to test the content and its infrastructure.

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