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An effective translation can help you grow your business, capture new markets and engage with the audience.

We are a full service translation agency. Our native panel of Asian, Amercian & European science & engineering specialists can help you establish your business objectives, communicate with your target audience through beautifully translated, engaging and persuasive content and finally integrate your international presence.

We will tailor our translation services specifically conceived for your brand, translation objective and your audience. You’ll get fully supported and managed translation service, that includes all kinds of content translation including text, video and media, and designing among other services that aim to fulfil your translation objective and increase your profitability.

Agriculture - Agricultural Translation

We have a native panel of Asian, American & European Agricultural Science Translation Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Dairy farming, Dry land farming, Grazing, Hydroponics, Livestock, Natural farming, Orchard, Pig farming, Poultry farming, Ranching, Sharecropping, Sheep husbandry, etc.

Architecture - Architectural Translation

Our panel of Architecture Translation Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to architecture, theory of and concepts of architecture, vernacular architecture, ancient architecture, Asian architecture, Islamic architecture, Renaissance architecture, modern and the industrial age architecture, etc. can help you.

Automotive translation

Our team of automotive engineering experts can translate documents relating to Automobile Engineering, Safety engineering, Fuel economy/emission, Vehicle dynamics, Vehicle Electronics, automotive Performance, automotive Durability / corrosion engineering, automotive Package / ergonomics engineering, automobile climate control, automotive Assembly, Quality management, etc.

Energy - Power Generation translation

We have a panel of native Asian, American & European Energy Translation Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to energy and power generation.

Engineering & Technology translation 

We have demonstrated experience in translating documents related to Biotechnology, Chemical engineering, Computer science, Information science & technology, Construction and design technology, Electronics, Machines, Military science, technology and equipment, Mining, Nanotechnology, Nuclear technology, Packaging and labeling, Processes, Robotics, Space exploration, Telecommunications, etc. 

Environment - Ecological Translation

Our panel of environmental engineering experts can assist in translating documents related to environment, environmental science, evolutionary biology, genetics, and ethology, conservation biology, natural resource management, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, city planning, urban ecology, community health, economics, basic and applied science, human social interaction, human ecology.

Geography & Geological Translation

DocumenTranslation.com's panel of native Asian, American & European Architecture Translation Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to Physical geography, Human geography, Integrated geography, Geomatics, Regional geography, Geographic information systems, Remote sensing, etc. 

Scientific Patent Translation

We have demonstrated experience in translating patents including translation of the patent application which comprises of translating the Patent specification, Claims, Filing date, Priority claim, Drawing and Abstract, etc.

Zoology / Animal Husbandry Translation 

We have a panel of native Asian, American & European Zoology & Animal Husbandry Translation Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to Zoography, Comparative anatomy, Animal physiology, Behavioral ecology, Ethology, Invertebrate zoology, Vertebrate zoology, Soil zoology, Comparative zoology, Aquaculture, Animal breeding, Animal science, Aviculture, etc. 

Manufacturing Translation

You can trust our panel of native Asian, American & European translators with demonstrated experience in Craft, agile manufacturing, Fabrication, Flexible manufacturing, Just-in-time manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, 3D printing, clothing, Mass production, Packaging and labeling, Prefabrication, Rapid manufacturing, Reconfigurable manufacturing system, etc. for translating documents related to this field. 

Science Articles, Scientific Text & Books Translation

We have demonstrated experience in translating documents related to science:

a) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of formal science including Logic, Mathematics, Mathematical logic, Mathematical statistics, Theoretical computer science;


b) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of chemistry including Acid-base science, Analytical science, Environmental science, Inorganic science, Nuclear science, Organic science, Physical science, Solid-state science, Supramolecular science, Sustainable ("green") science, Theoretical science, Astrochemistry, Biochemistry, Crystallography, Food chemistry, Geochemistry, Materials science, Molecular physics, Photochemistry, Radiochemistry, Stereochemistry, Surface science, etc.


c) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of physics including Classical physics, Modern physics, Applied physics, Experimental physics, Theoretical physics, Computational physics, Atomic physics, Condensed matter physics, Mechanics physics, Molecular physics, Nuclear physics, Particle physics, Plasma physics, Quantum field theory, Quantum mechanics, special relativity physics, General relativity physics, Rheology, String theory, Thermodynamics, etc.


d) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of Space science including Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Galactic astronomy, Planetary geology, Planetary science, Stellar astronomy, etc.


e) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of biology including Anatomy, Anthropology, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Biogeography, Biological engineering, Biophysics, Behavioral neuroscience, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell biology, Conservation biology, Cryobiology, Developmental biology, Ecology, Ethnobiology, Ethology, Evolutionary biology, Genetics, Gerontology, Immunology, Limnology, Marine biology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Neuroscience, Paleontology, Parasitology, Physiology, Radiobiology, Soil biology, Sociobiology, Systematics, Toxicology, Zoology, etc.


f) Translation of documents and media relating to areas of interdisciplinary science including Applied physics, Artificial intelligence, Bioethics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical engineering, Biostatistics, Cognitive science, Complex systems, Computational linguistics, Cultural studies, Cybernetics, Environmental science, Environmental social science, Environmental studies, Ethnic studies, Evolutionary psychology, Forestry, Library science, Mathematical / theoretical biology, Mathematical physics, Military science, Network science, Neural engineering, Neuroscience, Science studies, Scientific modelling, Semiotics, Sociobiology, StatisticsSystems science, Urban planning, Web science, etc.

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