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In the recent past, we have been getting many queries as to what are the language pairs we offer translations to and from Tamil. To know why that maybe and the answer to what Tamil translation services we offer, read on below.

About Tamil

Tamil (தமிழ்) is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, and also by the Tamil diaspora, Sri Lankan Moors, Burghers, Douglas, and Chindians. Tamil is an official language of two countries, Sri Lanka and Singapore. It has official status in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry. It is also used as one of the languages of education in Malaysia, along with English, Malay and Mandarin. Tamil is also spoken by significant minorities in the four other South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India.

Growing requirement for Tamil translation services

Latest research reveals that India is set to become the third largest consumer market by 2025. Rising affluence will make India the third-largest consumer market by 2025, making it imperative for companies to adapt their business models for meeting the changing customer needs. Consumption expenditure will increase three times to hit $ 4 trillion by 2025, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group. India’s rising status as a consumer-country is attractive to global marketers who are trying to make inroads into the country before competition heats up. A sizable chunk of our Tamil translation services requirements relate to translation of marketing brochures into Tamil, translation of websites into Tamil, translation of manuals into Tamil, and translation of press releases into Tamil for brands eyeing for consumer recognition.

While India is a fast-growing consumer country, it is not lagging behind when it comes to selling. As per latest research, manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth sectors in India. Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, had launched the ‘Make in India’ program to place India on the world map as a manufacturing hub and give global recognition to the Indian economy. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of year 2020. The Government of India has set an ambitious target of increasing the contribution of manufacturing output to 25 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2025, from 16 per cent currently. Besides manufacturing, India’s service sector growth story is also an astounding success story. India’s technology and BPM sector (including hardware) is likely to generate revenues of US$ 160 billion during FY16 compared to US$ 146.5 billion in FY15, implying a growth rate of 9.2 per cent. The contribution of the IT sector to India’s GDP rose to approximately 9.5 per cent in FY15 from 1.2 per cent in FY98. Given the rising prowess of India’s businesses, we are also seeing a significant rise in translations from Tamil into English, from Tamil into French, from Tamil to German, etc.

The number of Indian students going abroad to study is also growing at a faster pace than ever before. With the exception of the United Kingdom, student numbers from India to the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany grew faster than overall overseas student numbers to these destinations, according to the latest report by MM Advisory Services in New Delhi. And despite a focus on a record number of students from China, particularly to US and Canadian universities, the growth of Indian students heading abroad has been faster than China’s, according to the just-released Indian Students Mobility Report 2016 using figures from the main study destinations. “For years, India’s numbers have been a bit of a see-saw, but 12% growth in 2014, and now clocking an even higher rate of 17.8% – this is the second year in a row that India’s [growth] rate has been higher than China,” the report said. With more and more Indian students looking to go abroad, there is a surge in demand for translation of academic degrees, certifications and academic transcripts from Tamil into English and other languages.

Tamil translation services by DocumenTranslations.com

With headquarters in India, DocumenTranslations.com is the leading service provider for Tamil translations. We have over 45 native Tamil translators with expertise in subjects related to science, engineering, patents, marketing, certificates, etc.

English <> Tamil translation

Our top-most selling service in Tamil translation verticals are

Tamil to English translation

English to Tamil translation

Asian language <> Tamil translation

Besides English to Tamil translation and vice-versa, we offer a host of Asian languages we translate from and into Tamil. A comprehensive list of Asian language <> Tamil translation pairs are:

Asian language to Tamil translationTamil to Asian Language translation
Arabic to Tamil translationTamil to Arabic translation
Assamese to Tamil translationTamil to Assamese translation
Bengali to Tamil translationTamil to Bengali translation
Burmese to Tamil translationTamil to Burmese translation
Cantonese to Tamil translationTamil to Cantonese translation
Chinese to Tamil translationTamil to Chinese translation
English to Tamil translationTamil to English translation
Gujarati to Tamil translationTamil to Gujarati translation
Hebrew to Tamil translationTamil to Hebrew translation
Hindi to Tamil translationTamil to Hindi translation
Indonesian to Tamil translationTamil to Indonesian translation
Japanese to Tamil translationTamil to Japanese translation
Jonkha to Tamil translationTamil to Jonkha translation
Kannada to Tamil translationTamil to Kannada translation
Kashmiri to Tamil translationTamil to Kashmiri translation
Khmer to Tamil translationTamil to Khmer translation
Korean to Tamil translationTamil to Korean translation
Lao to Tamil translationTamil to Lao translation
Malay to Tamil translationTamil to Malay translation
Malayam to Tamil translationTamil to Malayam translation
Maldivian to Tamil translationTamil to Maldivian translation
Mandarin to Tamil translationTamil to Mandarin translation
Malayalam to Tamil translationTamil to Malayalam translation
Mongolian to Tamil translationTamil to Mongolian translation
Nepali to Tamil translationTamil to Nepali translation
Pashto to Tamil translationTamil to Pashto translation
Persian to Tamil translationTamil to Persian translation
Punjabi to Tamil translationTamil to Punjabi translation
Rajasthani to Tamil translationTamil to Rajasthani translation
Simplified Chinese to Tamil translationTamil to Simplified Chinese translation
Sinhalese to Tamil translationTamil to Sinhalese translation
Tagalog to Tamil translationTamil to Tagalog translation
Telugu to Tamil translationTamil to Telugu translation
Thai to Tamil translationTamil to Thai translation
Traditional Chinese to Tamil translationTamil to Traditional Chinese translation
Urdu to Tamil translationTamil to Urdu translation
Vietnamese to Tamil translationTamil to Vietnamese translation

European language <> Tamil translation

We also translate from and into Tamil from a host of European languages. A comprehensive list of European language <> Tamil translation pairs are:

European language to TamilTamil to European Language
Albanian to Tamil translationTamil to Albanian translation
Bulgarian to Tamil translationTamil to Bulgarian translation
Catalan to Tamil translationTamil to Catalan translation
Czech to Tamil translationTamil to Czech translation
Danish to Tamil translationTamil to Danish translation
Dutch to Tamil translationTamil to Dutch translation
English to Tamil translationTamil to English translation
Estonian to Tamil translationTamil to Estonian translation
Finnish to Tamil translationTamil to Finnish translation
French to Tamil translationTamil to French translation
Georgian to Tamil translationTamil to Georgian translation
German to Tamil translationTamil to German translation
Greek to Tamil translationTamil to Greek translation
Hungarian to Tamil translationTamil to Hungarian translation
Icelandic to Tamil translationTamil to Icelandic translation
Italian to Tamil translationTamil to Italian translation
Irish Gaelic to Tamil translationTamil to Irish Gaelic translation
Italian to Tamil translationTamil to Italian translation
Latvian to Tamil translationTamil to Latvian translation
Norwegian to Tamil translationTamil to Norwegian translation
Polish to Tamil translationTamil to Polish translation
Russian to Tamil translationTamil to Russian translation
Serbo-Croatian to Tamil translationTamil to Serbo-Croatian translation
Slovenian to Tamil translationTamil to Slovenian translation
Swedish to Tamil translationTamil to Swedish translation
Turkish to Tamil translationTamil to Turkish translation
Ukrainian to Tamil translationTamil to Ukrainian translation

South American Languages <> Tamil translation

DocumenTranslations.com also offers translations from and into Tamil from all major South American languages. A comprehensive list of South American language <> Tamil translation pairs are:

Latin American language to TamilTamil to Latin American Language
Spanish to Tamil translationTamil to Spanish translation
Portuguese to Tamil translationTamil to Portuguese translation
French to Tamil translationTamil to French translation
English to Tamil translationTamil to English translation
Dutch to Tamil translationTamil to Dutch translation

Major domains we undertake Tamil translation in

DomainTranslation from TamilTranslation into Tamil
Accessory descriptionsTranslation of Tamil Accessory descriptionsTamil translation of Accessory descriptions
Account statementsTranslation of Tamil Account statementsTamil translation of Account statements
Accounting documentsTranslation of Tamil Accounting documentsTamil translation of Accounting documents
AdvertisementsTranslation of Tamil AdvertisementsTamil translation of Advertisements
AppsTranslation of Tamil AppsTamil translation of Apps
Automotive documentsTranslation of Tamil Automotive documentsTamil translation of Automotive documents
Biology related documentsTranslation of Tamil Biology related documentsTamil translation of Biology related documents
BooksTranslation of Tamil BooksTamil translation of Books
Botanical documentsTranslation of Tamil Botanical documentsTamil translation of Botanical documents
Business documentsTranslation of Tamil Business documentsTamil translation of Business documents
CertificatesTranslation of Tamil CertificatesTamil translation of Certificates
Chemistry related documentsTranslation of Tamil Chemistry related documentsTamil translation of Chemistry related documents
Commercial documentsTranslation of Tamil Commercial documentsTamil translation of Commercial documents
Computer gamesTranslation of Tamil Computer gamesTamil translation of Computer games
Computer related documentsTranslation of Tamil Computer related documentsTamil translation of Computer related documents
Construction documentsTranslation of Tamil Construction documentsTamil translation of Construction documents
ConversationsTranslation of Tamil ConversationsTamil translation of Conversations
CVsTranslation of Tamil CVsTamil translation of CVs
DiplomasTranslation of Tamil DiplomasTamil translation of Diplomas
Drama seriesTranslation of Tamil Drama seriesTamil translation of Drama series
Education related documentsTranslation of Tamil Education related documentsTamil translation of Education related documents
EmailsTranslation of Tamil EmailsTamil translation of Emails
Engineering documentsTranslation of Tamil Engineering documentsTamil translation of Engineering documents
Engineering drawingsTranslation of Tamil Engineering drawingsTamil translation of Engineering drawings
Engineering manualsTranslation of Tamil Engineering manualsTamil translation of Engineering manuals
Fashion articlesTranslation of Tamil Fashion articlesTamil translation of Fashion articles
FilmTranslation of Tamil FilmTamil translation of Film
Financial documentsTranslation of Tamil Financial documentsTamil translation of Financial documents
FolkloreTranslation of Tamil FolkloreTamil translation of Folklore
GamesTranslation of Tamil GamesTamil translation of Games
General Legal DocumentsTranslation of Tamil General Legal DocumentsTamil translation of General Legal Documents
Geography related documentsTranslation of Tamil Geography related documentsTamil translation of Geography related documents
Historical documentsTranslation of Tamil Historical documentsTamil translation of Historical documents
History related documentsTranslation of Tamil History related documentsTamil translation of History related documents
HR documentsTranslation of Tamil HR documentsTamil translation of HR documents
Insurance documentsTranslation of Tamil Insurance documentsTamil translation of Insurance documents
Legal Articles, Academic Texts & BooksTranslation of Tamil Legal Articles, Academic Texts & BooksTamil translation of Legal Articles, Academic Texts & Books
Legal contractsTranslation of Tamil Legal contractsTamil translation of Legal contracts
Legal documentsTranslation of Tamil Legal documentsTamil translation of Legal documents
LettersTranslation of Tamil LettersTamil translation of Letters
LicensesTranslation of Tamil LicensesTamil translation of Licenses
Management documentsTranslation of Tamil Management documentsTamil translation of Management documents
ManualsTranslation of Tamil ManualsTamil translation of Manuals
Manufacturing documentsTranslation of Tamil Manufacturing documentsTamil translation of Manufacturing documents
Marketing brochuresTranslation of Tamil Marketing brochuresTamil translation of Marketing brochures
Marketing documentsTranslation of Tamil Marketing documentsTamil translation of Marketing documents
Medical documentsTranslation of Tamil Medical documentsTamil translation of Medical documents
Medical transcriptionTranslation of Tamil Medical transcriptionTamil translation of Medical transcription
MenuTranslation of Tamil MenuTamil translation of Menu
Military documentsTranslation of Tamil Military documentsTamil translation of Military documents
Music related documentsTranslation of Tamil Music related documentsTamil translation of Music related documents
NewsTranslation of Tamil NewsTamil translation of News
NovelsTranslation of Tamil NovelsTamil translation of Novels
Pass BooksTranslation of Tamil Pass BooksTamil translation of Pass Books
PatentsTranslation of Tamil PatentsTamil translation of Patents
Patents, Trademarks, CopyrightTranslation of Tamil Patents, Trademarks, CopyrightTamil translation of Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Photo descriptionsTranslation of Tamil Photo descriptionsTamil translation of Photo descriptions
Physics related documentsTranslation of Tamil Physics related documentsTamil translation of Physics related documents
PoemsTranslation of Tamil PoemsTamil translation of Poems
Political newsTranslation of Tamil Political newsTamil translation of Political news
PR newsTranslation of Tamil PR newsTamil translation of PR news
PresentationsTranslation of Tamil PresentationsTamil translation of Presentations
Press releaseTranslation of Tamil Press releaseTamil translation of Press release
Process documentsTranslation of Tamil Process documentsTamil translation of Process documents
Quality certification documentsTranslation of Tamil Quality certification documentsTamil translation of Quality certification documents
Religious articlesTranslation of Tamil Religious articlesTamil translation of Religious articles
Scientific documentsTranslation of Tamil Scientific documentsTamil translation of Scientific documents
SoftwaresTranslation of Tamil SoftwaresTamil translation of Softwares
Sports newsTranslation of Tamil Sports newsTamil translation of Sports news
StoriesTranslation of Tamil StoriesTamil translation of Stories
Survey answersTranslation of Tamil Survey answersTamil translation of Survey answers
Survey questionnairesTranslation of Tamil Survey questionnairesTamil translation of Survey questionnaires
SurveysTranslation of Tamil SurveysTamil translation of Surveys
Tax related documentsTranslation of Tamil Tax related documentsTamil translation of Tax related documents
Test resultsTranslation of Tamil Test resultsTamil translation of Test results
TestsTranslation of Tamil TestsTamil translation of Tests
Training materialsTranslation of Tamil Training materialsTamil translation of Training materials
Travel brochuresTranslation of Tamil Travel brochuresTamil translation of Travel brochures
Travel documentsTranslation of Tamil Travel documentsTamil translation of Travel documents
VideosTranslation of Tamil VideosTamil translation of Videos
Zoological documentsTranslation of Tamil Zoological documentsTamil translation of Zoological documents


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