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We offer translations to and from over 75 languages i.e., over 2500 language pairs

Through our team of 1116 translators, we possess the unique capability to deliver translations in 2500+ pairs, covering over 95% of the languages used by Internet users around the world. Our translators possess academic certifications and proven expertise in over 150 subject areas.

Asian language translations

There are 48 countries in Asia, excluding territories of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, each having its own language (more often languages) and dialects. provides translation services to and from all Asian languages. Besides our Indian language offerings, Our highest-selling translation services in Asian languages include Simplified Chinese translations, Traditional Chinese translations, Thai translations, Arabic translations, Korean translations, Japanese translations, Indonesian translations, Vietnamese translations, and Farsi translations.

European language translations

Europe, with its 44 countries, is not only one of the leading centers of innovation, but also a valuable market. Its 44 countries, have their own languages and some like French are spoken across the world, from Canada in America to Cambodia & Laos in Asia. We at provide translations to and from all European languages. Our best-selling European language translation services include French translations, Italian translations, German translations, Greek translations, Dutch translations, Hungarian translations, Bulgarian translations, Polish translations, Russian translations, and Turkish translations.

Latin American languages translations

In addition to Asian and European language translations, has be successfully translating to and from Latin American languages through our over 200+ translators located in Latin America. Our most client-favored Latin American language translations include Spanish translations and Portuguese translations, both Brazilian Portuguese translations as well as Portugal Portuguese translations.


Starting rates per word


Subject areas of expertise


Language pairs translations


Nationalities represented by translators

6 hrs

Turnaround time for upto 500 words

24 hrs

Turnaround time for upto 2000 words

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See all projects works with only the highest quality professional translators from around the globe. We are very selective, choosing only a very small fraction of applicants to join the our team of professional linguists and translators.


Most of our translators have multiple years of professional experience translating into their native language (mother tongue), and many have cultivated specialized skills in industries such as: Immigration document translation, Legal translations, Press Release translation, Game App translation, Industrial document translations, Patent translations etc.


We aim to create long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that our clients value their privacy, particularly when it comes to personal or confidential business documents. Our translators are held to strict nondisclosure agreements and viewing of documents is limited to a need-to-know basis.  

While turnaround times vary by language, we can return a short document within a few hours. Our Hindi translators, Tamil translators and other Indian language translators can ensure deliver of upto 2500 in 1 day. Our Spanish translators are among the fastest in the industry, delivering short Certified Translations in as little as three hours to our clients. Our Russian translators, Chinese translators, Arabic translators, French translators, and German translators are all among the fastest and most experienced in the industry. Our streamlined workflow has been optimized to serve our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We've eliminated time-wasting steps that exist within traditional translation agencies by harnessing the power of the web and a global talent pool. Our translators have years of experience translating thousands of business documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts for thousands of clients. Our expertise and experience allow us to deliver high quality translation faster that anyone else in the document translation industry.

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