75+ Supported Languages

DocumenTranslations.com supports over 75 languages and over 2,500 language pairs, covering over 95% of the languages used by Internet users around the world.

Any Language <> English

We posses expertise in translating from over 75 languages into English and from English to over 75 languages.

Indian Language <> Indian Language

With offices in 4 locations across Indian, we have in-house translators to translate to and from any of the 23 official Indian languages including English.

Any Language <> Any Language

Through our team of 1116 translators, we possess the unique capability to deliver translations in 2500+ pairs in over 150 subject areas.



Our team has translators with degrees in science and law who can assist in translation of patents in any subject and language.

Certificates / License

Manufacturing and business licenses, inspection/academic certificates etc. are our specialty. Rates start at as low as Rs. 850/- per certificate.

Technical / Engineering

Our science & engineering specialized translators deliver translated manuals, technical handbooks, reports, etc that look and read just like the original.

Legal / Business

We have specialized law and management degree holders who ensure that your business contracts, agreements, etc. match the original in both content and context.

News / Press Releases

With annual contracts with the largest PR agency worldwide and 2 of the top 5 global news aggregators, we lead the news/PR translation industry. Try us today for your article!


We work with all kinds of media files  in multiple formats. We can translate and localize e-Learning Courses, Television Serials, Commercials, Movies, Product Demos, etc.

We use expertise and experience to generate results

Our team of over 1000 translators from Asia, Europe & Americas has native language abilities in over 160 languages and possess academic qualifications in diverse fields (from aerospace to tourism). We have a proven track record of delivering quality manual translations at the most competitive rates with lowest lead times.

Human Translations

Our translations are done 100% by human translators only, not softwares.Our ethics do not allow us to deliver machine translations. Documents are proofread to ensure the quality of the translation.

Native Translators

Translation projects are assigned only to native language speakers of the Target Language to ensure accurate and reliable translations. For e.g., English to Hindi translations are assigned to Hindi native speakers only.

Subject Expertise

Our panel of 1000+ translators have extensive knowledge and translation experience in 10 domains spanning 138 subjects. Projects are assigned to translators with proven expertise in the subject matter of source document.

Fastest Deliveries

We offer the fastest turnaround times in the Translation Industry. Documents with 3 pages or less are translated within 24 hours. To get a free time and cost quote, just send us your document by filling in this form.

Security & Privacy

Our translations are done 100% by human translators only, not softwares.Our ethics do not allow us to deliver machine translations. Documents are proofread to ensure the quality of the translation.

Designed to Delight

Our award winning creative team can design and DTP the translated document to match the original in terms of layout and formatting. The translated document looks and feels just like the original!

We can help you achieve great results and achieve global success. With 500+ million words translated till date, 1000+ clients, 165+ language combinations, and over 10 years in the translation industry, we have the right mix of talent, experience and expertise to partner in your success.

Small translation agencies lack resources. Large translation agencies lack personalized touch. Welcome to DocumentTranslations.com. Here, we understand how important a document or a video is to you. We offer the best in class translation resources with empathy and understanding. You can rely on us to give personalized expert solutions.

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